Cancellation of Workshop on Preserving and Celebrating German Cultural Heritages

The board of directors of the St. Lucas Historical Society regret to announce, after much deliberation and thought, the difficult decision to cancel the Annual Workshop on Preserving and Celebrating German Cultural Heritages in the Midwest. The workshop was scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

This action is being taken in consideration of everyone’s health and safety during this period of the COVID 19 virus and possible re-occurrences, and the many uncertainties of planning and holding a large public meeting in mid-June.

Carl Most, the secretary of the Society, states “Many of these speakers had already accepted the invitation to participate in the Workshop. The Society also had scheduled three speakers on family history and genealogy from German lands and an awesome display of the TRACES mobile museum with exhibits of German American historic themes, and ironically a display on the 1918 flu pandemic”.

The president of the Society, Clair Blong states, “The next annual Workshop is scheduled for June 23, 2021, and will focus on this same theme of preserving and celebrating German cultural heritage. It will also highlight the importance of these German cultural and historical organizations, groups, and museums in the Midwest cultural mosaic”.

Workshop on German Cultural Herritage in the Midwest: the Past, Present and Future

The 2020 Workshop will focus on "Preserving and Celebrating German Cultural Heritages in the Midwest".

The Workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. Please mark your calendar now.

The German heritage and language groups include those from Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, South Tirol (Italy), Austria, Switzerland, Alsace (France), Czechoslovakia and Russia. We intend to invite a number of established historical and culturally-focused German heritage groups In Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Kansas and Missouri to participate. These organizations of the historically German-speaking areas of Europe are represented in the Midwest.

In addition, we intend to have sessions on genealogy research and writing family histories, such as, Schaufenbuel, Baldner, Wurzer, Langreck and others.